IUBES:2 is coming…


It’s been a while! Welcome to the new blog, new home page, and new server! I won’t talk about iubes:2 today but you’ll get more news about this forthcoming new version very soon, and I hope to see all of you during the beta test. If you purchased iubes:1, you’ll get a free copy of iubes:2 a couple of days before the official release.

Sorry but this general update is not compatible with the current version: you have to download & reinstall iubes manually! There isn’t any real new features, only a couple of issues fixed, and compatibility added with the new server.

iubes:1.16.262 — general update

  • Game switched to iubes:2 server
  • Users account compatibility with iubes 1/2 added
  • Nvidia optimus compatible (switch to the best video card)
  • GPU Optimisation for Fraps & capture softwares
  • Full screen issues fixed
  • Multi monitors compatible (config > monitors)
  • A couple of graphical issues fixed
  • Ocean shader fixed on recent cards
  • Changing Gfx settings doesn’t restart the game anymore
  • International keyboards ok
  • New keyboard manager (OIS has been discarded)
  • Keyboard layout updated
  • Enhanced mouse controls (you can now move on both axis)
  • F8 key hides also buildings names
  • Building construction area has been extended
  • Alt-tab exception on some configs fixed
  • Added some CPU optimisations
  • Selfie mode discarded (too few players enjoyed this mode)



step#85 = version 1.14


  • New speed ratios: MAX is now 25x  (because a/ playing faster wasn’t effective at all, and b/ for future updates)
  • Population cap expanded to 300 (250+50 ghosts).
  • AI: soldiers don’t need to return to their barrack after their armory upgrade (this bug was a real pain in the ass)
  • AI: villagers defend much better their land (arround the wood totem) aka “anti tower hack”, aka “anti crisot”
  • AI: if there isn’t any mill close enough, farmers won’t carry their food = it’ll be way much easier to build mill/granary later in the game without loosing some precious time with unnecessary round-trips)
  • Audio: gameover soundtrack fixed (enjoy!)
  • Audio: SFX volume lowered accordingly to game speed
  • Menu: “continue” button after epic battle (the “one last game” hell feature)
  • Menu: new help screen for beginners

That’s all for today!

step#84 = not yet a bundle, but…


I’ve taken some time to prepare my first present for iubes’ buyers. INSWAP is an almost never released puzzle game I made years ago. I’ve dug up its sourcecode from my archives: everything compile and run fine… it should be emailed to you later this week!

Little drawback: I wasted my whole day playing with this game…

step#83 = the 1.12 update and the selfies!


Back for you dears! It took ages… but here is at last the first update since the official release. Some bugs fixed, some new maps, some improvements… but above all, a new game mode.

Selfie mode: originally this mode was designed for pure testing purpose… but it proved to be actually a nonesuch strategy feature. Be careful, it’ll mess your brain at some point!