IUBES:2 is coming…


It’s been a while! Welcome to the new blog, new home page, and new server! I won’t talk about iubes:2 today but you’ll get more news about this forthcoming new version very soon, and I hope to see all of you during the beta test. If you purchased iubes:1, you’ll get a free copy of iubes:2 a couple of days before the official release.

Sorry but this general update is not compatible with the current version: you have to download & reinstall iubes manually! There isn’t any real new features, only a couple of issues fixed, and compatibility added with the new server.

iubes:1.16.262 — general update

  • Game switched to iubes:2 server
  • Users account compatibility with iubes 1/2 added
  • Nvidia optimus compatible (switch to the best video card)
  • GPU Optimisation for Fraps & capture softwares
  • Full screen issues fixed
  • Multi monitors compatible (config > monitors)
  • A couple of graphical issues fixed
  • Ocean shader fixed on recent cards
  • Changing Gfx settings doesn’t restart the game anymore
  • International keyboards ok
  • New keyboard manager (OIS has been discarded)
  • Keyboard layout updated
  • Enhanced mouse controls (you can now move on both axis)
  • F8 key hides also buildings names
  • Building construction area has been extended
  • Alt-tab exception on some configs fixed
  • Added some CPU optimisations
  • Selfie mode discarded (too few players enjoyed this mode)



3 thoughts on “IUBES:2 is coming…

  1. I loved iubes1 im excited i get a copy of iubes 2! It was a good game and a good idea.

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