step#86 = fine tunings


Time to sleep! Huge work tonight: I made quite a lot of fine tunings about AI, selfie and batlle modes… Sometimes a couple of very simple lines of code can change a lot of things! I think that this next update will close this work session!


step#85 = version 1.14


  • New speed ratios: MAX is now 25x  (because a/ playing faster wasn’t effective at all, and b/ for future updates)
  • Population cap expanded to 300 (250+50 ghosts).
  • AI: soldiers don’t need to return to their barrack after their armory upgrade (this bug was a real pain in the ass)
  • AI: villagers defend much better their land (arround the wood totem) aka “anti tower hack”, aka “anti crisot”
  • AI: if there isn’t any mill close enough, farmers won’t carry their food = it’ll be way much easier to build mill/granary later in the game without loosing some precious time with unnecessary round-trips)
  • Audio: gameover soundtrack fixed (enjoy!)
  • Audio: SFX volume lowered accordingly to game speed
  • Menu: “continue” button after epic battle (the “one last game” hell feature)
  • Menu: new help screen for beginners

That’s all for today!