Step #82 = BRB…


Time to rest!


Step #81 = 28 days after (…release)


It was a long time since my last post! iubes has been “officialy” released and everything worked fine! Pretty enjoyable actually.

It’s really fun to see names from all over the world ; even if I have a buyer overrepresentation from Norway and Japan, due to a couple of papers and word of mouth. BTW it’s fun to check country specific statistics too. Japan guys tend to play way faster! Yep… but Norway dudes play better 🙂 Anyway… I never took the time to thank all of you directly, thus you’ll get a thank you gift soon!

Meanwhile… I stepped back from iubes to take the time to think about future updates and therefore where I want iubes to go. I have found out. I’m currently working on a major update which should be really fun. Be ready for a whole additional challenge! I’ll resume iubes’ promoting after that.

Meanwhile 2… I started my 2nd game. Early alpha testing should start in a couple of weeks. More news to come. But now, I’m going back to work, go.