step#73 = Another day…

New sound track to replace the previous “Commando theme” remix. Although I enjoyed this tribute to 80’s games… well… I’d rather be certain to be 100% copyright friendly!

That’s all. Now, back to code; I’m currently working on the registration process… I had some trouble with the famous “AltGr” windows keymapping hell for international keyboards. Nice joke from Microsoft…


step#72 = wasn’t it supposed to be a small game?


Version 1.0.5 // I’m almost ready to relase a new update (tomorrow?). Lot of hidden / deep changes, thus I’m going to need some extra days for beta testing. Argh!!!! Those last steps are quite painful, I’m dying of impatience to start online games with you guys. Yet I took some time to add a kind of welfare feature: players are going to be pre-ranked before their first PvP, since playing versus computer can increase (a little) player’s score. It may prevent heavy distorted battles!

step#71 = Versus is my favorite word


I’m addicted to player vs player gaming since my first LAN experience (I believe it was on Duke Nukem). Thus this “Codrer vs Diesle” match really inspired me. First time ever I wasn’t playing iubes against its artificial intelligence. Machinery is OK. Now I have to make account registration / management / interface… AND IUBES WILL BE READY. Order of magnitude: 1 week. I can’t wait for tomorrow to continue this work…

step#69 = the easy way… FAIL.


Version 1.0.3 // Initialy I thought I’d succeed to skip some boring work, like making a click to build function (which needs to check available positions, compute strange screen to sphere coordinates…). In this example, my initial cheap solution seemed to disturb a lot of beta testers. So, ok, back to standards: in the next update it’ll be very possible to drop building on the exact position you wish. Surprisingly, even if that’s not an actual useful feature for iubes gameplay, testers were right: that’s somehow more fun to play this way.