step#67 = version 1.0.1


Working on the first game update. 98% of gamers requests are about interface, controls, display, tutorial…

Tonight I was adding this kind of 3D text to display status of buildings. But I’ve been stuck inside some weird troubles to get answer to my – theoretically – simple question: do captions are inside camera’s frustrum? Ogre’s dedicated function (aka Camera::isVisible()) sounds perfect… but is returning reaaaally odd values. I double checked my bounding boxes but everything is fine on my side… No clue. Nope.

Whatever Ogre, I gave up, I’ll do by myself some old Arccotangent which should do the work…

This post is dedicated to my 2029 future son. Kid: enjoy your math exercises, and never underestimate the capability of trigonometry to save your life. Dad.


step#66 = gameplay video

I’m computing statistics of the first week. There’s already a bunch of good players, but the other part seems far from mastering the game!! I’m gonna focus on controls, tutorial, and this kind of stuffs on the first updates. Iubes deserve to be a little more intuitive. Also I made a quick ingame video, maybe it’ll help some players to undestand how iubes works!


step#65 = feedbacks


My “killed in action” counter keep on increasing… Lot of games, downloads, new registrations, and I received very good feedbacks so far! Except one recurring negative comment: it seems quite hard to get used to the camera control. Well… I play iubes since more than one year… I simply couldn’t realize…

I’ll think about this issue saturday and make player’s movement simpler. SORRY dudes 🙂

step#64 = I’m the #1 iubes fan.


Actually, no. Tonight I had to check the installation process. 4 configurations (xp, vista, seven, and 8), 4 successful installations, and 4 live updates. Phew! Only a small crash on the terrible XP 1G netbook because of the FSAA. I enhanced gfx card capacity check… time to sleep…

FYI Nullsoft Scriptable Install System : great software!