step#61 = small steps…


My wife told me that ocean’s core looked like… something I didn’t wanted to. Damn. I had some trouble to compute the right UVs coordinates from the exact opposite projection in order to cover the “thing”. But, OK. Done.

Keyboard is now compatible with custom layouts like Azerty from France or Qwertz from Germay… Done.

I cleaned up my textures and converted the whole to DXT5. Done.

I added 4 graphic presets (runs from 140 to 30 FPS here). Done.

I finally resolved my last lost pointers. Done.


step#60 = ultimate question of life the universe and everything


Fun coincidence: Iubes’ gameplay depends on 42 hidden parameters (like food given per farm, soldier life points, wood resistance against fire, tower hit range…). Fine tuning of those values seems to be over. I’m sure to defeat computer if I play seriously (that’s trivial, I’m his father). Unlike, when I’m playing at x30 speed without focusing… he ridicules me.

Screenshot: the “ruin” function to nicely ravage houses is done 🙂

step#59 = last changes [?]


I’m back from holiday with a couple of new ideas to fix some gameplay issues. Years ago, I hated when some guy used to get in with 10 unstoppable units at the very beginning of an Age of Empire match. I want to avoid such “killer strategy” so that winning won’t repose on tricks that corrupt the whole game. And it looks like my last adjustments did the job… Thinking of iubes’ gameplay with the feet in a lake seems to be an efficient working way 🙂