step#55 = massive showdown


There’s always something to improve. And when it’s done, it feels like essential (however it doesn’t help to release the game). I spent my weekend experiencing battlefields, Iubes entities are more compliant with massive battles; I really enjoy this game aspect.

step#54 = making CPU burning


I made some strong improvements on code efficiency. The whole game runs almost 2 times faster. For this I cached lot of datas so 256 iubes don’t have to make the same checks. I used those new CPU resources to improve iubes’s intelligence, and that’s much much better; They build faster and stop to dislocate themselves.

And there’s now on screen statistics about iubes distribution (%farmers, %builders…). It’ll help newbies to understand what’s going on I guess…

step#52 = First anniversary!


This project started precisely one year ago… and I’m on my 52th day of work. One main problem with this scattered work is I frequently do things twice, forgotting what I’ve already done. It just occured last night, again. Great painful waste of time. I hate when I’m such airheaded…

But I don’t do only shit. I also made some simulations for online players rating. You’ll be scored from 1.0 up to 10.0 to fight each others. I’m looking forward to encounter players!