step#51 = Sunday returns


I’ve spent almost my whole weekend working on iubes! I crafted a small graphical interface of my own (third party GUIs are either too restrictive or too heavy… or maybe I just dislike merging alien source code… I’ll think about that… someday). So now iubes is fully playable without mouse, I wanted it this way to fit its simple & fast gameplay. I added mp3 audio playback capabilities. And finally a loading screen. Little but essential things…


step#50 = Gamers approval


So I’ve tried to socialize with the outside world through 4 tweets + 4 posts on indie forums. I get in return 350+ beta testers, 3300+ views on Youtube, hundreds of messages and two dozens of proposals of many kind. That’s quite huge for a very first shot!

You guys are really great. Thank’s so much for the incredible positive feedback and support! “Great concept! Can’t wait to try it!”, “it looks FUCKING AWESOME”, “I just hate them all so very very much…”, “This looks great man, can’t wait to try it out”, “Fascinating concept”, “I just want to say it looks exceptionally interesting”, “Iubes look terrific. Can’t wait to play inside the sphere….”, “Your came looks like one of the coolest things to be in the works currently”, “Looks like a great idea”, “I would absolutely love a beta test of this!”, “love the art style, keep up the good work”, “Looks promising, I’m excited. Good work!” , … all of this was mainly offered by with their news about iubes.

It might take a little time, but I’ll do my best to answer to all of you!

Unfortunatly, I still have only a very few spare time to work on iubes. Hope you’ll be patient! Anyway, this feedback is the confirmation I needed before going further with this project. Now, back to work to open a trimmed beta session!