step#44 = For marketing purpose…


« IUBES are Intelligent Cubes.
There are many copies…
And they have no plan. »

This game isn’t going to bring any strong storyline. Instead I decided to polish a kind of depth-design to explain what iubes are made of. It may be enough to generate some interest…


With a tiny shader for eyes self-illumination, it looks quite elegant, isn’t it?


step#42 = What the frak are the iubes?


I was working on FX and particles, with a more and more depressed mood. My first original vision of iubes fighting and war was a kind of ironic bloody battlefield… Anyway, it doesn’t work. Bad design.


After a deep brainstoming between myself and I, something became clearly obvious: iubes have to be robots. No blood, but smoke. Sounds, FX, design… it’ll fit much better. Robots are intelligent, cool, monomaniac…

Now I have to relook the iubes for something like neat cubes, or… something I don’t know yet. Anyway a new design could be usefull… I’d like to discard those childish bugs. Iubes deserve better!

step#39 = Return to basics


I had some strange math issue: when climbing, iubes weren’t on the roof of the building, but floating beside in the air. Not cool.

Noob misconception: on a sphere, any tangent is perpendicular to the radius. But… that ain’t true on an ellipse!

Today’s lesson: before starting a game inside an elliptic world… it would have been a clever idea to learn back some basic stuffs about the ellipse subject…

Anyway, everything is clean now, and iubes are ready to defend towers.