step#37 = Respect the guidelines…


“Iubes are Intelligent Cubes” I said, so today I increased their intellectual capabilities to really match this title…

But there is a side effect… my CPU is burning! Well… actually it burns while 512 iubes are working at x100 game speed ratio, which is insane. And my CPU is nothing but a weak laptop. As a matter of fact… maybe everything is normal here…


step#36 = Work without mercy


January month is ending, and I’m quite satisfied of my work here. A few scattered hours here and there… but that was enough to actually make this project growing. I can do it! If this was my full time job, it’d be a butchery. But it ain’t…

Tomorrow, I have to completely change a large amount of code. I’ve got something well written, elaborated, even elegant… but it disrupts the gameplay. I need another function way much simpler. That’s always something difficult: making some sacrifice of my own code. Deleting hours of work…

I’ll do this dirty job tomorow morning, during coffee time… always a good moment to kill code, before the full awareness of daytime 🙂

Step#35 = Keep up the motivation

iubes main title @ renoise

So many things to do for a small indie game…

1/ I think I’ve got the main title music. So far iubes has 3 ready soundtracks.
2/ I’ve almost fixed the main memory leak. From 25 Mb to 800 Kb… that’s a giant step.
3/ I cleaned scene with static geometry… my FPS are back !
4/ … and cleaned lot of code for a more robust running.

All of this done in night work… Ain’t easy… And I haven’t any reliable idea of what I’m really doing here. But I do it. Weird.

Step#34 = Delete the first rule.


This was supposed to be a prototype. Do you remember? Something light, simple, not a full game. Once and for all that’s simply impossible. At this point I’m working on war… step which occurs after ~1 hour of playtime. I need to skip this hour to avoid painful waiting between each test. So I need to save/load the game. A whole complete system of saving. This ain’t a prototype. But I don’t know how to do another way.

Ok… let’s go for the saving system. Tonight I made possible core system reboot. I still have a huge 25 Mb memory leak on game restart, but it runs!

And you know what??? 3rd day of work in a row. Safe.

Step#33 = Persistence


Aye! I’ve succeed to find a couple of hours for this project. Two days in a row… this is nearly unbeliveable… Am I facing the 2nd rebirth of this game!? Let’s think…


Daily work chart. Ok… this project was born 6 months ago. The beginning was smooth and easy, until time issues with my job. The rebirth took place with a whole game concept update. Since… my motivation never fell. However… finding time for iubes was… a square pain in my ass. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do some “sunday project” based on a simple wish. It must be a decision, a very bad & binding rule.

Hard. But… this is a quite funny journey. It may sound odd, but I enjoy seeing this whole stuff like an experimentation.

Anyway… I hope this is a real rebirth and that I’ll keep my commitment.