step#28 = Take the odd way

I may have found a solution about my “childish design” issue: going weirdo with my iubes! Rather than team colours, I opted for highly customized skins. It might be fun, I guess…

I also solved the “minecraft design” issue… my maths are now ok with more angular shapes. GG to myself… but for now, day is over!

Edit: first version of the 8 colors.


step#26 = The light in the tunnel

Yeah, my previous post wasn’t bullshit… rebirth has been done! Today I made big steps forward on this project, I do believe this game can be a fair enjoyable new indie game 😉

I’m seriously motivated right here… If only I could have more time to spend on this stuff!!

Anyway #1, I feel like I know exactly what I’ve got to do, what the plan is, just go ahead.

Anyway #2, I must keep this easy. The main goal is to release as quickly as possible a spare-time indie game.

step#25 = Back on track

Today was my 2nd weekend since iubes rebirth and I’ve completely recovered my initial mood. It could rocks! A strange kind of real-time strategy game, but lazy-proof as iubes can do all the ungrateful work for you. Now I like this game!! I’m back, and so are the iubes!

My #1 remaining concern is now about game’s design. Boring childish colours…

step#24 = Rebirth, restart, respawn!

It looks the same, but it ain’t. I’ve completely changed my mind about this project. Look at the blue colour : sure, this is the blue team and they will fight online. This way, I find back my motivation for this project. Simpler, easier, faster.

The main problem with indie game is not the work by itself, but the environment : during the whole september month I was able to work on iubes only 3 full days. That was highly demotivating…

Right now, iubes is a survivor.