step#21 = The predictable lack of time step

I’ve got less and less time to spend on iubes. Nothing can be done with a few hours. Project is almost froozen. Damn!


step#20 = Indie masochist

Obvious fact: Indie game makers seek out intellectual pain. If gameplay doesn’t bring new ideas and features, very similar games are bound to have been released 10,000 times before (therefore no one would care of your “hey-I-played-it-last-week” game). Indie games have to be unique, with unique development difficulties, which need unique solutions, and unique headaches. Obvious.

So indie game development is hell. Sweet.

step#16 = sgn(cos(α)) x |(cos(α)^2/q|

It started when I made a few searches about hyper ellipse formulas. Yep, that was the boring part: superquadrics, hypoellipse, plane algebraic curves in a cartesian coordinate system… <boring>. Then came the nice part :

My playground isn’t limited to a single bubble shape anymore. Now I’ve got super-ellipstic worlds. Very “inception movie” style! Well… not fundamental but nice. Whatever… I needed those formulas for another thing more usefull.